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Seminars, conferences and workshops

Since 2016

  • Organizing the 2nd workshop on “Systems Biology of Transcription Regulation”. ICSB workshop, Lyon, France (2018)
  • Logical modelling and analysis of cellular regulatory networks with GINsim 3.0. JOBIM, Marseilles, France (2018)
  • Similarities and complementarity of positive feedback circuits and stable motifs in logical regulatory networks. BIOSS days, Marseilles, France (2018)
  • Reconstruction and signal propagation analysis of the syk signaling network in breast cancer cells. Network Biology (NetBio) track at ECCB, Prague, Czech Republic (2017)
  • Efficient identification of qualitative attractors through constraint solving. [BC]2 workshop on logical modelling of biological regulatory networks. Basel, Switzerland (2017)
  • Reduction and reversal of discrete models of biological regulatory networks. Seminar at ENS Cachan, France (2017)
  • Organiization of the 4th CoLoMoTo meeting, Paris, France (2017)
  • Reversed logical models for the study of basins of attraction. BIOSS days, Montpellier, France (2017)


  • Tutorial on logical modelling of regulatory networks. [BC]2, Basel, Switzerland (2015)
  • Reduction of Logical Regulatory Networks. BIOSS workshop, Marseilles, France (2015)
  • The Syk network in breast cancer cells. Workshop on “Modeling and Cancer”, Montpellier, France (2015)
  • Handling large logical models: the role of model reduction. Symbiose seminar at IRISA, Rennes, France (2015)
  • Discrete models of large regulatory networks: from algorithmics to applications. University of Montpellier, France (2014)
  • co-organizer of the 3e CoLoMoTo meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland (2014)
  • LogicalModel : a Java library for the manipulation and conversion of Qualitative Models. 4e meeting COMBINE, Paris, France (2013)
  • Proposal for a CoLoMoTo toolbox. 2e meeting CoLoMoTo, Hinxton, U.K. (2012)
  • A Reduction of Logical Regulatory Graphs Preserving Essential Dynamical Properties. Rabat, Morocco (2011)


  • GINsim : implementation and functionalities. 1st CoLoMoTo meeting, Lisbon, Portugal (2010)
  • Logical modeling of biological regulatory networks. M3B seminar at INSA Lyon, France (2010)
  • A reduction of logical regulatory graphs preserving essential dynamical properties. CMSB, Bologne, Italy (2009)
  • Reducing logical models while preserving essential dynamical properties. Workshop “Discrete models of biological networks : from structure to dynamics”, Marseilles, France (2008)
  • Decision diagrams for the representation and analysis of logical models of genetic networks. CMSB, Edinburgh, U.K. (2007)
  • Qualitative Dynamical Modeling of Genetic Regulatory Networks. Workshop « Dynamics of Regulatory Networks II », Cuernavaca, Mexico (2007)
  • Proposal for Representing Logical Models in SBML. 11th SBML meeting (ICSB workshop), Tokyo, Japan (2006)