Aurélien Naldi


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Since 2016

Automated inference of Boolean models from molecular interaction maps using CaSQ. S. Aghamiri, V. Singh, A. Naldi, T. Helikar, S. Soliman, A. Niarakis. Bioinformatics (2020).
[ doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btaa484 ]

Setting the basis of best practices and standards for curation and annotation of logical models in biology—highlights of the [BC]2 2019 CoLoMoTo/SysMod Workshop. A. Niarakis, M. Kuiper, M. Ostaszewski, R. Sheriff, C. Casals-Casas, D. Thieffry, T. Freeman, P. Thomas, V. Touré, V. Noël, G. Stoll, J. Saez-Rodriguez, A. Naldi, E. Oshurko, I. Xenarios, S. Soliman, C. Chaouiya, T. Helikar, L. Calzone. Briefings in Bioinformatics (2020).
[ doi:10.1093/bib/bbaa046 ]

PTPN13 induces cell junction stabilization and inhibits mammary tumor invasiveness. M. Hamyeh, F. Bernex, R. Larive, A. Naldi, S. Urbach, J. Simony-Lafontaine, C. Puech, W. Bakhache, J. Solassol, P. Coopman, W. Hendriks, G. Freiss. Theranostics 10:1016-1032 (2020).
[ doi:10.7150/Thno.38537 pubmed:31938048 ]

Contribution of ROS and metabolic status to neonatal and adult CD8+ T cell activation. J. Sánchez-Villanueva, O. Rodríguez-Jorge, O. Ramírez-Pliego, G. Rosas Salgado, W. Abou-Jaoudé, C. Hernandez, A. Naldi, D. Thieffry, M. Santana. PLoS ONE 14:e0226388 (2019).
[ doi:10.1371/Journal.Pone.0226388 pubmed:31841528 ]

System analysis of cross-talk between nuclear receptors reveals an opposite regulation of the cell cycle by LXR and FXR in human HepaRG liver cells. L. Wigger, C. Casals-Casas, M. Baruchet, K. Trang, S. Pradervand, A. Naldi, B. Desvergne. PLOS ONE 14:e0220894 (2019).
[ doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0220894 pubmed:31437187 ]

Network Reconstruction and Significant Pathway Extraction Using Phosphoproteomic Data from Cancer Cells. M. Buffard, A. Naldi, O. Radulescu, P. Coopman, R. Larive, G. Freiss. Proteomics 19:e1800450 (2019).
[ doi:10.1002/Pmic.201800450 pubmed:31472481 ]

BioLQM: a java toolkit for the manipulation and conversion of Logical Qualitative Models of biological networks. A. Naldi. Frontiers in Physiology 9:1605 (2018).
[ doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.01605 ]

Prediction of Mutations to Control Pathways Enabling Tumour Cell Invasion with the CoLoMoTo Interactive Notebook (Tutorial). N. Levy, A. Naldi, C. Hernandez, G. Stoll, D. Thieffry, A. Zinovyev, L. Calzone, L. Paulevé. Frontiers in Physiology 9:787 (2018).
[ doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.00787 ]

Logical modelling and analysis of cellular regulatory networks with GINsim 3.0. A. Naldi, C. Hernandez, W. Abou-Jaoudé, P. Monteiro, C. Chaouiya, D. Thieffry. Frontiers in Physiology 9:646 (2018).
[ doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.00646 ]

The CoLoMoTo Interactive Notebook: Accessible and Reproducible Computational Analyses for Qualitative Biological Networks. A. Naldi, C. Hernandez, N. Levy, G. Stoll, P. Monteiro, C. Chaouiya, T. Helikar, A. Zinovyev, L. Calzone, S. Cohen-Boulakia, D. Thieffry, L. Paulevé. Frontiers in Physiology 9:680 (2018).
[ doi:10.3389/fphys.2018.00680 ]

GOATOOLS: A Python library for Gene Ontology analyses. D. Klopfenstein, L. Zhang, B. Pedersen, F. Ramirez, A. Warwick Vesztrocy, A. Naldi, C. Mungall, J. Yunes, O. Botvinnik, M. Weigel, W. Dampier, C. Dessimoz, P. Flick, H. Tang. Scientific Reports 8:10872 (2018).
[ doi:10.1038/s41598-018-28948-z ]

Reconstruction and Signal Propagation Analysis of the Syk Signaling Network in Breast Cancer Cells. A. Naldi, R. Larive, U. Czerwinska, S. Urbach, P. Montcourrier, C. Roy, J. Solassol, G. Freiss, P. Coopman, O. Radulescu. PLoS Computational Biology 13:e1005432 (2017).
[ doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1005432 ]

MaBoSS 2.0: an environment for stochastic Boolean modeling. G. Stoll, B. Caron, E. Viara, A. Dugourd, A. Naldi, G. Kroemer, A. Zinovyev, E. Barillot, L. Calzone. Bioinformatics 33:2226-8 (2017).
[ doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btx123 pubmed:28881959 ]

The combination of the functionalities of feedback circuits is determinant for the attractors' number and size in pathway-like Boolean networks. E. Azpeitia, S. Muñoz, D. González-Tokman, M. Martínez-Sánchez, N. Weinstein, A. Naldi, E. Álvarez-Buylla, D. Rosenblueth, L. Mendoza. Scientific Reports 7:42023 (2017).
[ doi:10.1038/srep42023 ]

Geometric analysis of pathways dynamics: application to versatility of TGF-beta receptors. S. Samal, A. Naldi, D. Grigoriev, A. Weber, N. Théret, O. Radulescu. Biosystems 149:3-14 (2016).
[ arxiv doi:10.1016/j.biosystems.2016.07.004 ]


Symbolic Dynamics of Biochemical Pathways as Finite States Machines. O. Radulescu, S. Samal, A. Naldi, D. Grigoriev, A. Weber. 9308:104-120 (2015).
[ doi:10.1007/978-3-319-23401-4_10 ]

Cooperative development of logical modelling standards and tools with CoLoMoTo. A. Naldi, P. Monteiro, C. Müssel, t. Consortium for Logical Models and Tools, H. Kestler, D. Thieffry, I. Xenarios, J. Saez-Rodriguez, T. Helikar, C. Chaouiya. Bioinformatics 31:1154-1159 (2015).
[ doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btv013 pubmed:25619997 url ]

Model checking to assess T-helper cell plasticity. W. Abou-Jaoudé, P. Monteiro, A. Naldi, M. Grandclaudon, V. Soumelis, C. Chaouiya, D. Thieffry. Front Bioeng Biotechnol 2:86 (2015).
[ doi:10.3389/Fbioe.2014.00086 pubmed:25674559 ]

Genome-Wide Analysis of SREBP1 Activity around the Clock Reveals Its Combined Dependency on Nutrient and Circadian Signals. F. Gilardi, E. Migliavacca, A. Naldi, M. Baruchet, D. Canella, G. Martelot, N. Guex, B. Desvergne. PLoS Genetics 10:e1004155 (2014).
[ doi:10.1371/journal.pgen.1004155 ]

SBML qualitative models: a model representation format and infrastructure to foster interactions between qualitative modelling formalisms and tools. C. Chaouiya, D. Bérenguier, S. Keating, A. Naldi, M. van Iersel, N. Rodriguez, A. Dräger, F. Büchel, T. Cokelaer, B. Kowal, B. Wicks, E. Gonçalves, J. Dorier, M. Page, P. Monteiro, A. Kamp, I. Xenarios, H. de Jong, M. Hucka, S. Klamt, D. Thieffry, N. Novère, J. Saez-Rodriguez, T. Helikar. BMC Systems Biology 7:135 (2013).
[ doi:10.1186/1752-0509-7-135 ]

Dynamical modeling and analysis of large cellular regulatory networks. D. Bérenguier, C. Chaouiya, P. Monteiro, A. Naldi, E. Remy, D. Thieffry, L. Tichit. Chaos 23:025114 (2013).
[ doi:10.1063/1.4809783 ]

On Circuit Functionality in Boolean Networks. J. Comet, M. Noual, A. Richard, J. Aracena, L. Calzone, J. Demongeot, M. Kaufman, A. Naldi, E. Snoussi, D. Thieffry. Bulletin of Mathematical Biology 75:906--919 (2013).
[ doi:10.1007/s11538-013-9829-2 ]

Logical Modelling of Gene Regulatory Networks with GINsim. C. Chaouiya, A. Naldi, D. Thieffry. Bacterial Molecular Networks :463--479 (2011).
[ doi:10.1007/978-1-61779-361-5_23 ]

Efficient Handling of Large Signalling-Regulatory Networks by Focusing on Their Core Control. A. Naldi, P. Monteiro, C. Chaouiya. Computational Methods in Systems Biology :288--306 (2012).
[ doi:10.1007/978-3-642-33636-2_17 ]

Petri net representation of multi-valued logical regulatory graphs. C. Chaouiya, A. Naldi, E. Remy, D. Thieffry. Natural Computing 10:727--750 (2011).
[ doi:10.1007/s11047-010-9178-0 ]

Dynamically consistent reduction of logical regulatory graphs. A. Naldi, E. Remy, D. Thieffry, C. Chaouiya. Theoretical Computer Science 412:2207--2218 (2011).
[ doi:10.1016/j.tcs.2010.10.021 ]


Diversity and Plasticity of Th Cell Types Predicted from Regulatory Network Modelling. A. Naldi, J. Carneiro, C. Chaouiya, D. Thieffry. PLoS Computational Biology 6:e1000912 (2010).
[ doi:10.1371/journal.pcbi.1000912 ]

Reduction of logical models of regulatory networks yields insight into dynamical properties. C. Chaouiya, A. Naldi, E. Remy, D. Thieffry. 2010 IEEE International Conference on Control Applications (2010).
[ doi:10.1109/CCA.2010.5611238 ]

Logical modelling of regulatory networks with GINsim 2.3. A. Naldi, D. Berenguier, A. Fauré, F. Lopez, D. Thieffry, C. Chaouiya. Biosystems 97:134--139 (2009).
[ doi:10.1016/j.biosystems.2009.04.008 ]

Modular logical modelling of the budding yeast cell cycle. A. Fauré, A. Naldi, F. Lopez, C. Chaouiya, A. Ciliberto, D. Thieffry. Molecular BioSystems 5:1787 (2009).
[ doi:10.1039/B910101m ]

A Reduction of Logical Regulatory Graphs Preserving Essential Dynamical Properties. A. Naldi, E. Remy, D. Thieffry, C. Chaouiya. 5688:266--280 (2009).
[ doi:10.1007/978-3-642-03845-7_18 ]

Decision Diagrams for the Representation and Analysis of Logical Models of Genetic Networks. A. Naldi, D. Thieffry, C. Chaouiya. Computational Methods in Systems Biology :233--247 (2007).
[ doi:10.1007/978-3-540-75140-3_16 ]

GINsim: A software suite for the qualitative modelling, simulation and analysis of regulatory networks. A. Gonzalez, A. Naldi, L. Sánchez, D. Thieffry, C. Chaouiya. Biosystems 84:91--100 (2006).
[ doi:10.1016/j.biosystems.2005.10.003 ]

Dynamical analysis of a generic Boolean model for the control of the mammalian cell cycle. A. Faure, A. Naldi, C. Chaouiya, D. Thieffry. Bioinformatics 22:e124--e131 (2006).
[ doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btl210 ]