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Since 2015: Postdoc, Université de Montpellier (France)

Topic: Signalling networks in cancer progression
Group: Biological Physics and Systems Biology group
Lab: DIMNP (UMR 5235)
University: Université de Montpellier
  • Syk and PTPL1 phosphorylation networks in breast cancer cells
  • Timescale-based reduction of quantitative networks

2010-2015: Postdoc Université de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Topic: Genomic regulations in metabolism
Group: Desvergne group
Institute: Center for Integrative Genomics
University: Université de Lausanne
  • Genome-wide study of nuclear receptors functional interactions in HepaRG cells
  • Genome-Wide Analysis of SREBP1 Activity around the Clock in mouse liver cells
  • Epigenetics of early aging in mouse adipose tissue

2006-2009: PhD, Université de la méditeranée, Marseille (France)

Topic: Logical model of the differentiation of T helper cells
Lab: TAGC (INSERM U1090)
University: Université de la méditerranée
Supervisers: Denis Thieffry, and Claudine Chaouiya.
  • Formal methods for the reduction and analysis of logical models
  • GINsim: a software tool for the definition and analysis of logical models
  • Diversity and plasticity of Th cell types predicted from regulatory network modelling

Education, Marseille (France)

2006: MSc in Bioinformatics (BBSG).
2004: MSc in Computer science (DESS Informatique)
1999: DEUG in life sciences


Languages: French (native), English (fluent), German (basics)
Programming: Fluent in Java and python. Worked with C/C++, R, javascript, php, bash
Bioinformatics: Discrete modeling, graph visualisation, Genomics (microarray, ChIP-seq), Proteomics (SILAC)
Biology: Applications to Cell cycle, Immune system, Metabolism, Cancer
Informatics: Linux administration, git, SQL, LaTeX, Docbook